Book-Project 2006-2008

Pantheon der Dermatologie – Pantheon of Dermatology

Aim and Background

This book is designed to acquaint dermatologists, medical historians and friends of our specialty with prominent dermatologists and other scientists of the past who contributed to our specialty and whose name is connected with a disease, syndrome, sign or other feature. The book should be written in a vivid and readable style.


Springer with their editorial office in Heidelberg has fortunately agreed to publish and promote the new project Pantheon der Dermatologie – Pantheon of Dermatology. The book will be published as a supplement to the Proceedings of the 20th course on Practical Dermatology and Venereology, which takes place in Munich July, 23 – 28, 2006. For further information please visit the internet

Contents, Pages and Distribution

Pantheon der Dermatologie – Pantheon of Dermatology will have approximately 850 pages, richly illustrated in color and follow the format of the Proceedings of previous meetings. Each of the approximately 2400 attendants will receive a complimentary copy later by mail, as it is custom for the proceedings of the meeting.

The organizers of the course will buy the books from Springer. This guarantees a world-wide distribution. Further copies will be available in book stores or can be directly purchased from Springer

Pantheon der Dermatologie – Pantheon of Dermatology will be published in German. Translations in other languages are feasible and subject of further negotiation.